Below is the latest update of the work programme, showing approximate timescales, proposed road closures, traffic management measures, diversions and more. We will update this page as the information becomes available. If you have any questions relating to the work, please email


Clarendon Road: phase two major works, October 2020 to October 2021


The work involves a full reconstruction of the road, reducing its width in order to widen the footpaths, create more public space and reduce traffic speeds. It will also involve the creation of a new drainage network, utilities, crossings, lighting, signal infrastructure and raised tables for better disabled access.


Location of works: The next phase of the improvement scheme will be between St Johns Road and Woodford / Station Road.


Duration: 13 months






  • Clarendon Road will become two-way traffic between Beechen Grove and St John's Road - there may be the occasional necessity to close the road but this would be limited

  • From St Johns Road to Station Road will be restricted to northbound traffic only

  • Vehicles wishing to travel southbound must follow signed diversion routes via St Albans Road and Beechen Grove

  • Speed limited to 20 on Clarendon Road

  • Traffic Management signs and barriers will direct traffic safely

  • Controlled crossings will be maintained throughout the works for pedestrian safety along with temporary zebra crossings if necessary

  • From 16 November 2020 Shade Lane will be closed for a period of 18 months.

  • From Monday 4 Jan 2021 to October 2021 northbound traffic only restrictions and diversions will be in place

  • From Monday 1 March 2021, St Johns Road junction will be rebuilt on both sides of Clarendon Road

  • From 26 August 2021 until 4 September 2021 resurfacing work will commence at night on the section of Clarendon Road between St Johns Road and Station Road’

  • On 5 October 2021 from 9pm to 5am, Clarendon Road will be temporarily closing between Beechen Grove and Woodford Road, and the adjoining junctions of St Johns Road and Shady Lane for signal and line marking works



  • Businesses will have access to their frontages

  • Access maintained for emergency services

  • Access will be co-ordinated for development works: e.g. Regus, KPMG, Holiday Inn and TJX 


  • Bus stops will be opened and restored from Beechen Grove and St Johns Road

  • There will be no bus stops between St Johns Rd and Woodford / Station Road

  • Taxis will be ranked from St Johns Road to Woodford Raod